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About Us

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Our company erects and maintains signage at a wide variety of locations such as shopping centres, gyms sports clubs, parks and schools etc.

Situated at prime locations throughout South africa, these signs offer the investor direct exposure to the target market of his/her choosing, based on consumer area.

Our signage costs nothing to landowners, and all maintenance and upkeep of signage is handled by Outlook Media.


Signs are made from hard-wearing chromadek with vinyl lettering and have a longevity of about 5 years.

Advertising space is rented on a contractual basis of 12 to 24 months, and signs are manufactured and erected within 8 days.


View our Parkabike and Streetpole pages to check out our most popular and cost-effective form of advertising.

Our new products, such as our solar-powered signs and street names, as well as our Social Media Marketing service, give our clients a further advertising reach.



Outlook Media Services

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